Cofermin China, with its professional staff with 30 years of experience on refractory raw materials, supported by its two processing plants in Tianjin, is specializing in exporting Chinese bauxite materials overseas and introducing international premium quality materials and chemicals into growing Chinese market.

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Cofermin China is the exclusive agent for many international refractory raw materials and chemicals producers,such as Carbores binder from Rutgers of Germany,Kyanite from KMC of U.S.A ,Marlusite from Andalusite Resources of South Africa,chemical additives from Z&S and Sillimanite from Trimex Group from India

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Cofermin China take great importance to the customers' requests.We'll try our best to introduce more and more premium quality  international raw materials and chemicals into chinese refractory industry to support its steady growth.Meanwhile we can serve our foreing customers with best quality of chinese refractory raw materials as well.

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  • Company:Cofermin(TianJin)Refractory Co;Ltd

  • Add:No.4 TianYi Park,No.1 Century Avenue,XiQing Economic Development Area,TianJin

  • Zip Code:300385

  • Tel:022-23943229

  • Fax:022-23523439



SalesManager: George Di(13802167204)
  • SalesPerson:

  • 1.Kyanite,Carbores,Bentonite,German Lanxess Bayoxide

  • Alice wang(18302216961),XinYa Liu(13821272496)

  • 2.Andalusite, Indian Silimanite,Bauxite,Kaolin,

  • Crystal Wang(13602172559)

  • 3.Z&S Refractory Agent,Penta Carbon

  • Freda Yang(15620407159)